Regrettably, we are unable to discuss germination.  You can read about why here.

We understand that many of our customers will live in a territory where they are freely able to cultivate marijuana and, whilst we cannot discuss this with you, we can forward issues to the seed banks themselves who will review issues and instruct us accordingly.  Any replacement seeds issued are at the instruction of the manufacturer only and expressly not that of GYO Seedbank.

For the benefit of those customers who do live in a location where cultivation of cannabis seeds is permitted please be aware that cannabis seeds, like any other seed, are not guaranteed to germinate. You can read more on this topic here.

You can read more information on how to report non-viability issues here.

Our cannabis seeds, under UK law, are sold expressly as souvenirs or for the preservation of genetics until such time as the laws are changed. We understand that some customers may be frustrated by this policy, however, GYO Seedbank is subject to the laws of the United Kingdom and, again, we are unable to discuss this topic.

You can read about your options if you received seeds that are damaged in transit or otherwise defective seeds by clicking the links.