GYO Seedbank offers a no-quibble seed guarantee against orders made by GYO Club members in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below:

GYO Club members are entitled to make up to 25 claims in any one calendar year and no more than 50 in their membership lifetime.

  • A single claim is defined as claiming that a seed or number of seeds of a particular strain contained within one individual order is/are damaged or defective.
  • Single claims are limited to 70% (rounded down to the nearest whole number) of the number of seeds of any individual strain contained within an individual order.
  • Claims are limited to no more than 5 strains per order.
  • Claims are capped at a maximum of 20 seeds per order.
  • Claims must be made through the relevant section of your “My Account” pages at


The following exclusions apply to the seed guarantee:

  • Orders of single seeds; that is to say any pick 'n' mix purchase where the quantity of any strain purchased was less than two.
  • Free seeds received as part of any promotion or previous replacement or any other seed that was not paid for by the GYO Club member (with the exception of orders paid fully or partially using Eucalyptus points).
  • Any order where the customer has instigated a credit or debit card chargeback.
  • Claims made for damage later than 48 hours after delivery.
  • Any claim whatsoever not made within 14 days of delivery or within 4 weeks of shipping of untracked orders.


We reserve the right to reject claims made by individuals who are abusing the GYO Seedbank guarantee by making excessive claims. In such cases GYO Seedbank reserve the right to cancel the user's membership and / or revoke their GYO Seedbank account in its entirety.