Earning Eucalyptus points is easy, fun and hugely rewarding. We have a variety of ways you can earn points that can be redeemed for products.

  • Creating your account.
  • Sharing on social media.
  • Refer a friend
  • Being born - we love birthdays at GYO.
  • Signing up for our newsletter.
  • Celebrating milestones.
  • Signing up to Club GYO.
  • Tagging, reviewing or rating one of our many wonderful products.
  • Getting involved in our polls, surveys and questionnaires.
  • Spreading the word - people need to know!

Creating your account.

Connecting with Facebook or creating your own GYO account will earn you Eucalyptus points right off the bat. The benefits of having your own account include quicker checkout times, easier access to our wonderful support team and, crucially, the ability to start racking up those Eucalyptus Points immediately.

Sharing on social media.

Share our products with the world using one of our social media tabs to earn stacks of points.

Bring a buddy.

Sign up one of your friends to GYO and not only will they thank you for life, you will also receive a nice kick-back from the Eucalyptus team.

It’s your Birthday!

You won’t need to remind us and you won’t need to drop any hints, we will give you points every birthday to spend on the greatest gift in the world - cannabis seeds.

Sign up for our newsletter.

Keep abreast of the latest news, offers and promotions with the GYO newsletter and bag yourself a nice reward for signing up.

Milestones worth remembering.

We keep things interesting here at GYO by celebrating special milestones with Eucalyptus points. For instance, on your fifth purchase, no matter how big or small, we will swell your e-wallet. And you won’t even need to say thank-you.

Join the club.

Sign up to Club GYO for all the amazing benefits it has to offer, as well as a bonus treat of Eucalyptus points straight into your wallet.


Instagram a pic of yourself in your Club GYO t-shirt for a rich reward.

Tag our products.

Why not spend a rainy afternoon on the old tag-n-stack? Tag our products and watch your points stack up ahead of your next spend - it’s earning without working!

Let us know what you think.

Reviewing or rating our products and services is an easy route to Eucalyptus heaven. Each review earns points and rating our products is even simpler, with each rating dropping points straight into your wallet.

Improve your experience

We are always aiming to improve our performance and better the experience of our customers, and you can help us with this by getting involved in our polls, surveys and questionnaires. Each time you do we will thank you with a big bundle of Eucalyptus points.

Fill those forums.

Great experiences should be shouted about and if you share your love for GYO on any relevant forum you will be handsomely showered with points.