As a result of an increase in fraudulent transactions using credit and / or debit cards we have introduced some anti-fraud measures to protect both ourselves and our customers.

These measures may be required in the following circumstances:

  • your first order above a specific amount
  • the shipping address is different to the billing address
  • the order value exceeds a particular threshold
  • your shipping address is a PO Box

We may request that you provide a recent copy of your statement applicable to the card you used when placing your order.

We need to be able to see your name, address and card/account number as per the example below. You can block out any other information you would prefer to remain confidential. The flowing is an example of what we need to be able to check.

If you are paying using a prepaid debit or credit card then we will accept a photograph of both the front and rear of the card. We will also accept screenshots from online or mobile banking apps.

If you do not wish to provide this information then please click here.