We request this information as protection for both you, the customer, and ourselves. We need to ensure that the person making the payment has the authority to use the credit or debit card. The circumstances in which we have to make the request for proof of card ownership include:

  • your first order above a specific amount
  • the shipping address is different to the billing address
  • the order value exceeds a particular threshold
  • your shipping address is a PO Box

You have already supplied this information during the purchase process and the purpose of our request exercise is to ensure that you have access to documents that only the cardholder would be in possession of.

We have provided an example for you here.

We do not store any of the information or documents that you provide and it is used for anti-fraud verification purposes only.

You are obviously not obliged to provide this information and we will cancel your order and refund any monies received if this is your wish, however, this is our anti-fraud policy and we will adhere to it.

We immediately destroy any documentation and note only that we have received it as proof of card ownership.

We hope that this information has provided you with some comfort that, as a reputable business, we aim to act professionally and in a manner that protects both the buyer and the seller.