GYO Seedbank ships worldwide, however, we advise you to check your local laws before placing an order with us as every country / state has a different stance on cannabis seeds and the laws are evolving all the time.

By ordering from us you accept our terms and conditions of sale and confirm;

  • that sending cannabis seeds to your location is safe; and
  • that you take sole responsibility for the importation of the goods in the event that any laws are contravened during or after the importation

We strongly advise you as the importer to make inquiries about the regulations regarding cannabis seeds in your country as we will not be held responsible for any legal issues that may arise if we send cannabis seeds to you.  

GYO Seedbank does not guarantee that your local customs will not confiscate goods ordered by you. In this event we are unable to refund payments or resend confiscated products unless the order was covered by a guaranteed shipping method or insurance.

Please note that we cannot and will not be held responsible for persons choosing to act in conflict with their local laws and we absolutely do not encourage any individual to do so.

Please see our Legal Disclaimer here.