We strive to keep our stock systems as real-time as we can however we stock thousands of strains each available in between 1-4 different packs sizes which means we have over 10,000 unique products in our warehouse.  We try to keep physical stock of as many of these as we possibly can at any one time but it's not always possible.

As we also display manufacturer held stock it's possible that product lines can move from in stock to out of stock very quickly and without prior warning and sometimes you might find that items that were in stock when you checked out have become out of stock by the time we come to pick them for your order.

In the event that an item you ordered has become out of stock (or it's a discontinued item erroneously marked as available) and we can’t complete your order one of the following will apply.

If the item can be sourced at the breeder or via a supplier and

  • the delivery time to receive that stock is less than 2 days we will process your order as normal without contacting you. 
  • the delivery time is more than 2 days we will contact you to let you know of the delay.

If the item is unable to be sourced from a breeder or supplier we are able to offer one of the following:

  • a full refund of the order
  • a partial refund of the order for the missing item
  • a replacement product of an equal or higher value than the missing item

Please note that in the basket you will find an option called Substitutions.

Clicking YES here informs our fulfilment team that if any product you selected is no longer available that you would like them to pick an alternative on your behalf.  We will always ensure that alternatives are of an equivalent or higher value and that the strains are closely matched,