GYO Seedbank offers both an extensive selection of single seeds (also referred to as "loose" or "pick 'n' mix" seeds) and the opportunity to purchase multiple seeds in original breeder packs. In the vast majority of cases each strain we sell is available as both single seeds and a variety of sealed breeder pack formats.

Single seeds can be purchased from the main panel of any product details pages as per the illustration below. 

These quantities relate to single units and, therefore, if you choose Green House Seed Co. The Doctor and purchase "7" then this means 7 x individual seeds.  

In the example above the product is also available as a 3 Pack, a 5 Pack and a 10 Pack.  In order to see the pricing and stock information for those variants just click the applicable pack size.  Each pack contains the number of seeds specified e.g; a 3 Pack contains 3 seeds.