Whilst we are unable, for legal reasons, to discuss germination and / or cultivation we can forward claims for non-viability to the individual manufacturers who will review each issue on a case by case basis.

We can only provide this service if you are lucky enough to live in a country or territory where cultivation of cannabis seeds is legally permitted.

Please note that any issues relating to viability must be reported and filed within 40 days of the original order.  We cannot accept requests for support on viability issues that are reported in excess of this period.

We do not accept claims for seeds purchased as packs unless the non-viability rate is excessive and outside any natural fail rate of approximately 15%. Read more about this here.

If you have purchased a pack of seeds then you should allow at least 1 seed or 15% of the pack (whichever is the most) to be unviable as a natural part of the process. 

25 Pack - Up to 3 seeds likely to be unviable

12 Pack - Up to 2 seeds likely to be unviable

10 Pack - 2 seed likely to be unviable

5 Pack - 1 seed likely to be unviable

3 Pack - 1 seed likely to be unviable

We do not accept requests for replacement seeds where the purchased product was a single or loose seed and the quantity was 1 for the same reason outlined above.  

If you fit into the criteria above then please get in touch with us via chat or ticket.