OK, so you've read a little about the enormous advantages of Bitcoin in terms of anonymity and you'd like to use this payment method.  We'll tell you everything you need to know in this article.   

First of all, you'll need a Bitcoin wallet.  We recommend BreadWallet ( for iPhone users.  You'll need to download the app to your device but it's a simple process even for the less technically able.  If you don't have an iPhone or simply don't want to use BreadWallet then there are a host of other wallets you can use.  We've created a list for you below of some of the most popular wallets we're aware of.  Click the image to visit their website and then download (for apps) or access (for web versions) to set up your wallet.

BreadWalletBitcoinCoreAirBitz WalletBitGo



Once you have a wallet set up you'll have a bitcoin address (a long string of characters and digits).   You'll need this to store any bitcoins you buy.

We recommend using CEX or Coinify to buy your bitcoins.  You are able to able to buy Bitcoins in both cases using your credit or debit card and it's a quick and easy process.  For either site you'll need to create an account, and, in some cases, provide identity verification. This is completely secure and any details you provide here will not be shared nor can any subsequent Bitcoin purchases be linked back to you.

Once you've bought your Bitcoin you can simply move them to your Bitcoin wallet.  This usually requires using the long Bitcoin address we mentioned earlier so you'll want to copy it to your device clipboard or write it down for reference.  Once your Bitcoins are moved to your wallet you're ready to start checking out and paying for goods with Bitcoin!  Anonymously!

You can read our article on checking out with Bitcoin here for further guidance.